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Paneer Pakoda Recipe

Paneer Pakoda / Paneer Pakoras can be made in many variations using the different filling. Here I’ve used Chutney as filling and trust me it tastes delicious. Paneer Pakoda can be served as an evening snack or Tea Time snack….

Aloo Pakora – Potato Fritters Recipe

Crispy Aloo Pakora is one of the favourite street food snacks in Mumbai. Also known as Batata Bhajia or Potato Fritters – crisp and golden batter coated potato slices are deep fried in oil. This Aloo Pakodas are the perfect…

Palak Pakoda – Spinach Fritters Recipe

Palak Pakoda / Spinach Fritters is a delicious & crispy Indian Snack made with fresh Palak / Spinach leaves, Gram flour and spices. There are many recipes to make Palak ke Pakode using different methods, but here I am sharing…

Moong Dal Pakoda – Lentil Fritters

During this Monsoon Season, what could be better with the evening tea than this Crispy Moong Dal Pakoda? Call it Moong Dal Bhajiya or Lentil Fritters – it is a perfect Tea-Time Snack food made from Split Green Gram. Try…