Kachariyu Recipe – Winter Special

Kachariyu is a winter Special Traditional & Healthy Gujarati Snack. ‘Kacharvu’ means “to grind”, and since we grind the Sesame seeds in this recipe the name derived is Kachariyu. It’s very healthy & Popular food in Gujarat during Winter season….

Khajur Pak | Dates & Dry Fruit Barfi

Khajur Pak / Dates & Dry Fruit Barfi, a very healthy Winter Special Recipe is made from Khajur (dates) & Dry Fruits. Dates and dry fruits, both delicious and nutritious to eat, they are rich in protein and iron. It…

Til ke Ladoo | Tilgul

Til ke Ladoo / Tilgul Laddu is a traditional winter sweet recipe made especially during Festival of Makar Sankranti. It is very simple to make yet delicious and Healthy too. Learn how to make soft Til ke Ladoo with Jaggery at…

Dry Fruit Chikki

Winter Special recipe of homemade Dry Fruit Chikki / Mixed Nuts Brittle. This Chikki is very easy to make and It is crispy, crunchy and rich in taste. This healthy brittle is rich in protein, iron and Vitamin E. Ingredients:…

Til Peanut & Dry Fruit Barfi

Til Peanut Dry Fruit Barfi is very healthy food made from roasted Sesame seeds, Peanut & Dry Fruits. Unlike “Methi Pak” and “Gond ke Laddoo“, there are no spices added in this recipe hence it is loved by kids too….